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This table maps out Robben Island and the sea floor around it. A map of Robben Island is engraved on the table showing casing its famous landmarks such as the prison. In addition to the table, we have included 3 little metal ships that portray the ships seen anchoring around Robben Island. These ships are cast from Sterling Silver and can be moved around the table to one's liking. When a light source appears above the table, the metal ships cast shadows onto the see floor.

The significance of Robben Island
This extraordinary table illustrates the isolation that prisoners like Nelson Mandela experienced on Robben Island. The island itself is secluded from the mainland and served as a medium and maximum security facility during the Apartheid regime. Political prisoners of Apartheid were held here until the maximum facility closed in 1991. After his release, Nelson Mandela went on to become the first president of the Republic of South Africa and remains an iconic revolutionist to this day. Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years imprisonment in the Robben Island prison. That's why we're only producing 18 tables to commemorate each year that Mandela spent on Robben Island.

The table measures 1200m x 600mm and stands 400mm off the floor. There is a glass top to protect the resin below and allows for easy cleaning. The 3 Sterling Silver ships include 1 oil tanker and 2 container ships. This coffee table design is limited to only 18 pieces and each table is marked with its number in this series. A booklet is also included on how to care and clean the table.

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