We are a furniture studio that designs and manufactures decor & furniture pieces. We create unique and striking designs that are functional for everyday use. Our combination of unusual materials sets us apart from everyone else.

We also curate unique designs from creatives and sell them through our store. If you create unique decor or furniture items and would like to join our collective of creatives, give us a shout.




Our founder Ollie has a specific design process when creating our extraordinary furniture pieces. Instead of choosing to make a certain furniture item such as a couch and adding an idea to it, he rather lets the idea dictate the furniture item. This design process sets us apart from other furniture designers and allows us to create furniture that tell compelling stories. Since 2016 we have worked on numerous furniture pieces including desks, carpets, couches, shelves, lights and more coffee tables. We have only launched 3 of these pieces as we felt that these were truly unique to introduce to the world.




To create the highest quality of furniture we collaborate with expert professionals in their field. Where we are not able to source these manufacturers we take the manufacturing task on ourselves. This can be a daunting task as we have to learn something we know nothing about with hours of researching followed by hours of trial and error. Just take our Robben Island Coffee Table for example. We partnered with professionals every step we could, but could not find any professionals that could cast resin onto wood. We took this part of the manufacturing process onto ourselves which took 2 and half years of trial and error.



What good is furniture that does not last? With every furniture piece we use materials we have never used before. This requires us to test each piece thoroughly and ensure that it is functional and lasts.


Back in 2013

What started out as a hobby grew into something much larger. Our founder Ollie de Wit started designing and making his own furniture back in 2013. After receiving continuous positive feedback about his furniture he decided to share his unique furniture with the world.

Fast forward to 2016

We’re in business! Ollie established his furniture design studio, Shift Perspective in 2016. The first piece of furniture he worked on under Shift Perspective was the Robben Island Coffee Table. This piece took two and half years of trial and error to complete. Another 2 pieces followed this, the Cape Town Carpet and New York City Carpet.

Moving on to 2018

Entering the art world. This was an exciting year for us as we exhibited all of our furniture in an art gallery. The Art@Africa gallery is located in the ClockTower Mall at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. What better place is there to exhibit the Robben Coffee Table than a few steps away from the Robben Island ferry gateway.

The current moment in 2020

Out with the old and in with the new. This year has seen some revolutionary updates to our brand. We have redesigned our website and started vlogging to document our journey of furniture design. Our 4th piece of furniture is well under way with a few other ideas in the pipeline.

If you are interested in our exciting journey then we welcome you to visit our vlog to see what goes into making our extraordinary pieces. Be the first to know about our exciting furniture releases and get invited to all the events by subscribing to our newsletter below. Our journey can also be followed across social media.

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